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Money Talks? The Occupy George Project


Ever gotten a dollar bill that someone wrote their name on or stamped a message on? Have you ever “defaced” a dollar bill?

In support of the Occupy Wall Street protests, two men from San Francisco who have backgrounds in design and advertising created Occupy George , 5 graphic stamp designs that can be put on $1 bills.   The goal is to inform others with facts and information through the exchange of currency.

Stamped in red ink, the stamps overlay statistics and charts over the dollar bill to indicate how America’s wealthiest 1% dominate the country’s financial power. The designs range from a graph indicating average worker pay versus average CEO pay, a design that shows the amount of income growth over the last century, and also a simple design that states, “Future Property of the 1%” which is meant to be stamped on George Washington’s face.

For about a week, Occupy George supporters have been working around the clock to create the new Occupy George bills. The printed Occupy George bills then get exchanged at the Occupy Wall Street site for a fresh set of plain bills.    The Occupy George encourages others to download the templates or to buy the stamps.


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