Food Rules: the Illustrated Expanded Edition


I finally got it.  I ordered the new expanded edition of Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules which has illustrations by artist Maira Kalman and expanded food rules. The book came in the mail yesterday.

I admit – I did not buy the first Food Rules book, since it seemed like a quick read – and I felt that I followed all the rules in the book … so it wasn’t for me.  The new book however caught my eye – partially due to the addition of the illustrations and the expanded rules that I’ve seen and read about this month on other sites and newspapers.

Michael Pollan’s Food Rules began with an idea that the wisdom of our grandparents might have more helpful things to say about how to eat well over the recommendations of science, industry or government. The first edition pocket size 112 page softcover book outlined a set of rules for eating wisely, many from a variety of ethnic or cultural traditions.

So what are Pollan’s food rules and why should we care?  Pollan’s simple attitude toward food and good, healthful eating has been publicized a lot:  Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

In the new edition of Food Rules, there are 83 rules he presents that are simply ideas or suggestions to support those three sentences.  Some rules I learned are Rule 13: Shop the peripheries of the supermarket and stay out of the middle and If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you’re probably not hungry.

The new edition has illustrations by artist Maira Kalman, and is expanded with a new introduction and nineteen additional food rules, and is a hardcover volume.

Michael Pollan recently said that he wanted to work on a more visual version of Food Rules to reach more people and continue the conversation that the first edition started. He saw an exhibit of Maira Kalman’s work at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco and pursued collaborating with her.

Maira Kalman’s illustrations help bring the book to life – and are a great addition to Pollan’s writings.  Images in the book include a painted block of processed cheese or a hostess cupcake on a pink background, and the images bring rules like Eat all the junk food to life as long as you cook it yourself or Eat food to life.  The images are printed on good paper and the illustrations look great in the book.

The book publisher has some featured videos online of Michael Pollan and Maira Kalman talking about some of the rules  while in a grocery store that are interesting to watch.

So what will I be doing later?  Curling up with my new book – and eating an apple.

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Food Rules: Illustrated Edition

Videos of Michael Pollan and Maira Kalman talking about the rules



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