A View from Inside a Flower: Rectified Flowers


Image rectification is a transformation process where technology is used to combine two or more images into one larger image.  Using mapped coordinates and math equations – the distortion in an image can be transformed and images can be “stitched” together.  Images taken from different perspectives or viewpoints can be made into  one larger image.

In 2010, media artists Golan Levin and Kyle McDonald were reading about domain shifting of polar and Cartesian geometries, and noticed that flowers make interesting subjects for this transformation.

Using Levin’s open-source panoramic-imaging software that he created with some flower photographs from Flickr, they produced “flower panoramas.”

The images were made from Flickr images, and the software is available as free Open Source code.  The software was made with Processing and the the ControlP5 library.

The images created are visualizations of what a person would see from inside a flower.

The resulting images sometimes look like flowers from outer space or a view of a flower as if we are a small insect inside.


Rectified Flower Images on Flickr

Rectified Flowers page and Software Download

Golan Levin

Kyle McDonald

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