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In the mood for a random sandwich?  If you live in New York City, you can order a Randwich, and get a “surprise” sandwich. Randwiches is a new venture by Jenn de la Vega and Jeff Stockton of Escoffiette, wanted to put a spin on ordering sandwiches are delivered.  When you order, you can choose some choices in terms of the type of sandwich you want and how you like it – and you get a surprise sandwich.

Calling itself part of the “slow food movement,” Randwich sandwiches are handmade, use local ingredients, and hand-crafted.  By delivering surprise sandwiches – people get to try new food combinations.  So far some of the sandwiches have included unique such  as lavender bechamel, homemade jalapeno mustard, homemade lemongrass strawberry jam, duck salami, broccoli rabe, and arugala.  What kind of bread?  The sandwiches are made on locally made maple oat break.

The first Randwich sandwich were delivered in October in 2011, and are delivered 2-3 days a week. Jenn de la Vega and Jeff Stockton of Escoffiette, which is a food study and catering service based in Brooklyn, NY.

Live in New York?  They have been on break – but after February 3rd you can order my email at randwiches [at] gmail [dot] com or follow them on Twitter as @randwiches. Since they are delivering on bike and on foot right now, they usually only deliver 8 at a time – so they don’t get smushed.

Don’t worry about having to tip them, they don’t take tips but would rather have you  tell your friends to try out our service via word of mouth or email .  Also – if you have nonperishable items or kitchen tools, you can tip us with those too, or email them about trading services if you can’t afford a sandwich.

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Randwich Website

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