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Saving Water? Cleaning my Pants in The Freezer


A while ago  I wrote about Levis changing practices to save water.   One way they are doing this is to put tags in new Levis jeans that suggest that the owner wash them less and only use cold water.

So – if you wash your jeans less how do you clean them? One way to get them clean is to put them in the freezer, a practice that will kill germs that cause them to smell.

I’ve been wearing my jeans for a few days.  (off and on – I rotate them with others.)  They do not look dirty – but do not smell as fresh as a new pair.

I looked around on other blogs – and others have talked about the  ‘freeze clean’ method which is reputed to kill the bacteria. It doesn’t remove dirt or dust, (or cat hair) but will remove the “dirty” smell.

The recommended method is to put your  jeans in a plastic Ziploc freezer bag and put them in the freezer. Some say for 24 hours  and some say for a week.

I just put them in the freezer and will see what happens if I leave them in the freezer for 24 hours, then see if I need to try this for a week.  I will report back after I give this a test.


** Monday February 6th – update

Two days later I took my jeans out of the freezer and gave them the sniff test.
I think they smell cleaner, but they still smell a little bit like pants that have been worn.

I plan to get the cat hair off them – and wear them today.  I plan to try the test once I have dirty jeans again.


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