The Pothole Gardener: Filling up Potholes One Small Garden World at a Time


Steve Wheen started doing guerrilla gardening in potholes for a project while in college.  He began  creating small garden worlds in potholes in part as a reaction to the poor conditions of the roads in London.  The project has grown to be a blog and website, where photos and videos of his gardening activity are posted.

Working with soil, plants and props,  Wheen makes tiny worlds that bring attention to road conditions, and also create a unique small world within our world.  He puts the props in the gardens for the photo shoots only, and tries to make the gardens on quiet streets with footpaths and dead end lanes.  He has created a small cricket match scene, and a red telephone booth garden in a pothole in front of London Bridge.  Often his gardens get attention, and on the Pothole Gardener blog you can see videos and photos of people taking pictures, and bending down to get a better look.

A recent garden scene he made is comprised of soil, green moss, a miniature chair, a tiny Easter basket, and a blooming plant – all located in a pothole on the street.  Wheen describes his project as, “ Part art project, part labor of love, part experiment, part mission to highlight how sh** our roads are – the pictures and gardens are supposed to put smiles on peoples faces and alert them to potholes!”

His blog has links to other Guerrilla Gardeners, and he writes that he is part of a community of guerrilla gardening.  Tired of the pothole on your street?   Check out thepotholegardener.com and see pictures of videos of Wheen’s gardens and get inspired.  I’ve got my eye on a big pothole that is getting bigger and bigger and is just around the corner from my house.

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