“This Winter has not been that bad. I have to say, I don’t mind global warming.”


Here in Cleveland, we have only had a few snowfalls, and only a handful of times when snowfalls were more than 2 inches.  The temperatures overall have been warmer, and I usually head out the door without gloves and a hat.  In the last few weeks, when discussing the weather with others – I have heard more and more people say that, “This Winter has not been that bad.  I have to say, I don’t mind global warming.”

This makes sense – since people hate the cold weather here, but it is short-sighted, since on the other side of the world, warmer temperatures are causing weather conditions that is causing death and starvation.

“2011 has been a year of extreme weather, the WMO reported. Drought in East Africa has left tens of thousands dead; lethal floods submerged large areas of Asia; the United States suffered 14 separate weather catastrophes with damage topping $1 billion each, including severe drought in Texas and the southwest, heavy floods in the northeast and the Mississippi valley, and the most active tornado season ever known.” – Huffington Post.

Here in Ohio it is hard to see the changes that are happening around the world.  What I have noticed is more rain, warmer temperatures, and plants blooming longer due to the warmer weather.

I find that my students don’t really care much about the issue of global warming, feeling like scientists will figure it out, and they can’t have much effect on what will happen in the future.

How can the bigger picture of the effects of global warming be present on a larger scale in our daily life?  I’m not sure – but I’m thinking about it.



Huffington Post – 2011 was the hottest year Global Warming

Scientific Report on Global Warming- .pdf download

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