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Type the Sky: Letters Made of Sky

Photographer and illustrator Lisa Rienermann was in Barcelona in 2005 studying abroad, and looked up to see houses, the sky and the letter “Q.”  The negative space between the houses formed a letter. She spent the next few weeks running around, looking up, and finding more letters in the alphabet formed by architecture and sky.  The project culminated in a [...]

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Can you tell a story in 6 words?

SMITH magazine believes that everyone has a story. Can you tell yours in six words? SMITH Magazine, which publishes the Six-Word Memoir series wants you to send in your six word story. SMITH was founded by Larry Smith and Tim Barkow in 2006.   Smith and Barkow believe that everyone has a story, and everyone should have a pace to tell [...]

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Construction and Destruction: Marjan Teeuwen’s Abandoned Building Art

Dutch Artist Marjan Teeuwen changes abandoned buildings into art by working with debris and upcycled building materials.  Her technique involves layering fragments of debris, then taking photographs and films of the final constructions. Her project Destroyed House done in 2008, was created in a house that had an adjoining ice cream parlor.  The work was done in close cooperation with [...]

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The Pothole Gardener: Filling up Potholes One Small Garden World at a Time

Steve Wheen started doing guerrilla gardening in potholes for a project while in college.  He began  creating small garden worlds in potholes in part as a reaction to the poor conditions of the roads in London.  The project has grown to be a blog and website, where photos and videos of his gardening activity are posted. Working with soil, plants [...]

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Carbon Offsets for Travel: Where Does it Go?

Yesterday I bought a plane ticket to North Carolina to visit my brother and his family.  When I was doing the final payment review, I saw the carbon offset option labeled “Leave the World a Better Place™ – Carbon Offsetting Option.” The amount of money that was estimated to offset my amount of CO2 from this itinerary ( for around [...]

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