Menu for the Future: a 6 Week Community Discussion Course about our Food


A couple of months ago I read about a new community discussion course called Menu for the Future that explores our food system and agricultural practices. The groups that were forming in my area did not work with my schedule, but I am planning to join one of the groups that are coming up this summer.

The discussion groups use a book which has a series of contemporary readings and questions to facilitate discussion.  The groups meet for 6 weeks, and if there is not a group that works for you, you can make your own group at work, in your neighborhood, at the library, or with family and friends.

The course focuses on talking about our food system and agricultural practices that promote personal and ecological well-being.

The goals of the course is:
• To explore food systems and their impacts on culture, society and ecological systems.
• To gain insight into agricultural and individual practices that promote personal and ecological well-being.
• To consider your role in creating or supporting sustainable food systems.

The topics covered in the 6 sessions include:

What’s Eating America -eating in a modern industrial society

Anonymous Food: The history of farming and present day questions about genetically modified organisms (GMO) and industrial organics

Farming for the Future:  Emerging food system alternatives and sustainable growing practices

You Are What You Eat: Food systems from a human health perspective

Toward a Just Food System:  Hunger, equity, and Fair Trade

Choices for Change: Inspiration and practical advice in taking steps to create more sustainable food systems.

Want to join or create a group? Right now there are 5 new groups listed on the site hat are meeting starting in May, and the site reports that there are more groups forming.  You can read more about the project, and look for a group to join (or create a new one) at
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