Big Polluter Dot Activity: Frame the Coal Plant in Cleveland Saturday 5/5/12

0, the group that is working to create a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis has organized another climate change event for 5/5/12.  Called the Climate impacts day, is encouraging people to participate in this day to help “Connect the Dots” between climate change.

The idea is to have rallies, events, and to generate images in places that have been affected by climate change, or that create climate change.  On the site you can setup an event or find one to join.  All of the events will include taking a picture of a dot in some way.  This could be a huge black dot on a white banner, a “dot” of people holding hands, encircling a field where crops have dried up, or a “dirty dot” of something that is contributing to the high levels of CO2.  All of these images will be shown to help present a human face on climate change on the site.

Yesterday I created a new event on the site for this Saturday at 12 noon.  Cleveland is one of the top producers of coal in Cleveland and me (and hopefully some other people) will be taking pictures near the First Energy Coal plant, making the power plant a “dirty dot” in the picture. If you want to participate, bring black paper, a banner, or anything else you want to hold up in the picture to frame the power plant into the “dot” in the image frame.

I’ve got some coal in my attic that I will be bringing to hold up in the picture.  If you are free on Saturday at noon – come on out to make an image of the “big dirty dot” that is still burning coal.

Event information:
This Saturday:  May 5, 12:00 PM
First Energy Lakeshore Plant
6800 South Marginal Rd, Cleveland, OH 44103

To signup for the event goto:

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