The Idea Truck: A Truck That Sells Ideas


Lorri Deyer had a great idea.  Well, let’s say she had a number of great ideas. Deyer is an artist and storyteller whose work incorporates everyday materials and settings.  Past projects have included creating interesting garden hoses, and sending out postcards to announce a pot hole.

Her latest project, called Idea Truck is a platform to engage others in creativity in their daily life.   For the project, Deyer decided to drive the Idea truck (which is an actual taco truck,) and sell only ideas for six monthes around Los Angeles.

To participate, visitors  can order from a menu of ideas, but in order to get this idea you have to write your own idea down first.  The idea is for ideas to become currency, and to exchange.

The menu includes Tuesday’s Surprise Special, Half-Baked Idea, and also ideas left by other visitors.  The ideas are half-price if you recite the idea out loud.   You can contact the person who left the idea via email, and also add to the idea.

On the website it gives this example as an idea,”…space ships should be purple elephants with rockets for feet (one idea already donated to the inventory).  Why do they have to be aerodynamic anyway, there’s no air in space?  Disagree?  Want to elaborate?  Then contact the idea maker directly from the email he or she leaves behind.  And on that note—what is an idea?  Are they a dime a dozen or are they a unique stamp of who you are?  Is an idea enough in this consumer-driven object making world?”

The ideas and project are being livestreamed, and Twitter updates and posts are updated as part of the experience.  Online voting for Idea of the Week, and a project outcome of a Idea Truck book are part of the project.

Can anyone have a good idea?  Can a bad idea be as interesting as a bad one?  Check out the Idea Truck project online, and check out how the project has been going since it was funded on Kickstarter.

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