Thirsty for Rainwater? Head to Casa del Agua in Mexico


When is the last time that you drank rainwater? If you happen to be in Mexico City you might just get a chance to do so.  Clean water in Mexico can be hard to find, and 70% of drinking water is imported.  A new artisan water boutique called Casa del Agua was created in order to provide clean local water, and so that anyone could stop in and get a drink of rainwater.

The water is harvested and filtered on-site, and as the Casa del Agua website says, “We stimulate water with our basic values, love, gratitude, and respect, therefore it reaches its highest potential.  Simple and clear.  Our water is craft bottled in a calm environment.”

The Casa del Agua space is clean and modern, and was designed by Hector Esrawe and Iganacio Cadena.  A dramatic water/bottle setup is at the center of the space, and all the water is put into beautifully designed bottles. The water goes through the highest possible purification standard, going through a process of triple filtration, evaporation and condensation that makes it pure and clean.  It is then rematerialized and ionized, increasing its alkaline and antioxidant properties.

Thirsty yet? I’m going to get a glass of water right now.

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