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Connect the Dots: Climate change


Today is Climate Impact Day, an international day that organized where various groups gathered to help “Connect the Dots” between climate change. The idea was for people to organize rallies and events in order to generate images in places that have been affected by climate change or that create climate change. All of the events included taking a picture […]

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Big Polluter Dot Activity: Frame the Coal Plant in Cleveland Saturday 5/5/12

0, the group that is working to create a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis has organized another climate change event for 5/5/12.  Called the Climate impacts day, is encouraging people to participate in this day to help “Connect the Dots” between climate change. The idea is to have rallies, events, and to generate images in places […]

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“This Winter has not been that bad. I have to say, I don’t mind global warming.”


Here in Cleveland, we have only had a few snowfalls, and only a handful of times when snowfalls were more than 2 inches.  The temperatures overall have been warmer, and I usually head out the door without gloves and a hat.  In the last few weeks, when discussing the weather with others – I have heard more and more people […]

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Oranges and Figs in Ohio? – Plant Hardiness Zones Have Changed


A hardiness zone defines what kinds of plants can grow in a specific geographic area.  The classification is defined by climatic conditions, especially the low temperatures that a plant can withstand. A plant might be labeled as “hardy to zone 10,” which means that the plant can withstand a minimum temperature of -1°C. Another type of plant labeled “hardy to […]

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Feel Like Blowing a Whistle? Put on a Ref Shirt and Organize a Climate Change Penalty Action


On Friday, I got an email update from Bill McKibben and who organized an event on the day of the Annual State of the Union Address.  At the protest, over 500 people dressed like referees and stood outside the U.S. Capital blowing whistles, and throwing penalty flags in order to draw attention to members of Congress taking money from […]

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