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Connect the Dots: Climate change

Today is Climate Impact Day, an international day that organized where various groups gathered to help “Connect the Dots” between climate change. The idea was for people to organize rallies and events in order to generate images in places that have been affected by climate change or that create climate change. All of the events included taking a picture [...]

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Big Polluter Dot Activity: Frame the Coal Plant in Cleveland Saturday 5/5/12, the group that is working to create a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis has organized another climate change event for 5/5/12.  Called the Climate impacts day, is encouraging people to participate in this day to help “Connect the Dots” between climate change. The idea is to have rallies, events, and to generate images in places [...]

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After Coal: Film project focuses on the transition from coal in Appalachia and Wales

Tom Hansell, an artist and filmmaker I worked with as part of the artist group Fossil Fools has started a new film project called After Coal: Welsh and Appalachian Mining Communities.  This documentary film explores how two mining cultures face the challenge of their dependence on fossil fuels.  Currently the Appalachian coalfields are struggling with chronic unemployment and environmental degradation, [...]

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