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New YouTube Video – Kbaumlier Shares Updates about Food Font Tool

Kristen Baumlier, the founder of the project Food Font recently shared some updates about the development of Food Font. Recently, people have been emailing asking about how the project is going, and when the tool will be ready to use. In this video, Kbaumlier shares some updates and images from the project development. In the video, Kbaumlier shares about the [...]

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Roy Choi –Challenging Chefs Do Something Different and Make Food More Accessible

I recently heard about the MAD Symposium, an annual gathering of few hundred writers, chefs, scientists, historians and fermentation activists in Copenhagen which is dedicated to exploring and sharing new and forgotten food knowledge.   The third MAD, which took place on August 25-26th 2013, was dedicated to the topic of “guts.” With the theme, the organizers wanted to invoke a sense [...]

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Flying Buffet: Sonja Alhaüser’s Fantastic Food Event

Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art was an exhibition that focused on the act of sharing food and drink in order “to advance aesthetic goals and to foster critical engagement with the culture of their moment.”  The show premiered at the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago, and presented more than 30 artists works that explored the [...]

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Kbaumlier – Rooting and A Room of One’s Own

Ok, I’ve started rooting.  It’s been what seems like a long journey to get here, but it is so worth it. This summer we relocated to Durham, North Carolina, and spent the summer looking for a new house, getting setup with new accounts, ids, etc; buying a new house, moving out of our summer apartment, moving into a new house, [...]

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Make a Chair Out of a Washing Machine

Clothes washers are about 65% percent steel, in addition to the motor, oils, electrical components, hoses and other materials.  Each year some 60,000,000 washing machines are sold around the world.   Usually the steel is recycled, but designer Tony Grigorian created a design to create one or more chairs out of a single washing machine. Griogorian created some simple directions to [...]

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