Antenna Installation

Installation (Video Projection and Tin Can Speakers)

Antenna is a video installation that consists of a projected video component and an audio element that plays in two tin can headphones. The work was made in Germany in 2003. Antenna explores ideas regarding communication devices, and if technology make us closer or farther from one another.

The audio in the installation plays in two tin can telephone speakers that hang in front of the looping projected video. Viewers can hold the tin can telephones up to their ears to hear a song that the artist wrote and recorded. Some of the song lyrics are, “My time is well spent. I go fast each day. I type my words and send them on their way. I like to read my palm. I dial to save time. Our waves go out into the sky.”

In the 3 minute video piece, you see me build a tin can telephone, go up to a mountain, and spin it over my head. I become an “antenna.”

See the Antenna Video: