Stretch It Installation


Installation and performance (Latex graphics, Steel)
Size: varies, some graphics are 3’x 5′, some are 3′ x 8′ but stretch to larger size when installed. Steel brackets are 3′ and 2′ in length.

In 2005, I created an installation where large latex oil icons and images are stretched onto welded steel brackets. The imagery features oil drums, oil rigs, and supply and demand curves. The work is meant to visually represent the irony of “stretching oil production” and to present a distorted view of information. All the graphics are black and white, and create an atmosphere where viewers feel like they are in a series of “textbook graphics.”

At my opening at the Sculpture Center in 2006, I invited audience members to stretch some of the graphics for a photo project. The performance and installation generated interaction and discussion among audience members about petroleum dependency and energy. At the show there were projected images, and 2 “oil toyboxes” in the space.