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Blueberries, Okra, and Buffalo!


Food Font had its first farmer market event at the  Elmwood-Bidwell Market in Buffalo, NY.  People at the market made a food alphabet out of food from local farms.  The food that was used included peaches from Bozard’s Farm; squash, onions, tomatoes, beans: from Native Offerings Farm; cucumbers, okra from Winter Farms and blueberries from Erdle farm.

Before the end of the event the entire list of letters, numbers, and characters got done.   People still stopped by to make letters – so we ended up with some extra Q’s and A’s.  (and maybe some extra P’s) The alphabet shows the mood of the event – upbeat, creative, and curious.  There are some really elegant letters and numbers that were made.  Some people really took some time in crafting a letter, carefully adjusting blueberries, okra, or picking out the right green bean.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the event!  Pictures from the event are up on the Food Font Photo page and also on Flickr.  The Elmwood-Bidwell food alphabet will eventually be edited and put into the Food Font interactive design tool when built.

This upcoming weekend Food Font will be at Weaver Street Market in Carrboro, NC where people will be making a Food Font out of peppers from a local farm.

One last update is that the resources on the Food Font website have been updated.  Directions for making a food font, uploading your pictures, and promotional materials are all on the site to help you make a food alphabet that you can submit to the site.  What food would you like to write with?

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