ARTIST STATEMENT – Kristen Baumliér


Explore an idea then choose a medium.
Use the right medium for the project. Make the choice to make technology visible or transparent. Combining analogue and digital mediums can make new forms. Get help when you need it.

Make art about SOMETHING.
Make art that communicates or tells a story. Why make art about art? Make it more than pretty. Research and incite – not recite. Channel passion and beliefs past complaining and towards asking questions and indicating solutions.

Try different audiences and include others in the work.
The art audience is lovable and great for support, but there is potential for interaction and communication in rock clubs, public spaces, micropower radio stations, and at the Iowa State Fair.

Don’t fake it.
Eat the butter. Learn the information. Give extra effort and make the art. You will entertain, educate, and inspire others.

Powerformance – The action happens.
Performance and interaction can communicate ideas. A song stuck in someone’s head can get them to think about an issue. An interactive installation can cause ignition.

Being funny is serious business.

Humor can draw attention and cause the audience to do a double-take – or think again.

Theme songs are passive aggressive.
Catchy music with condensed messages can haunt others. Melody is the vehicle, rhyhming concentrated language makes the message. NOTE: it is ok to use nah and yeah a lot: Johnny Cash did it all the time. Also: high voices might turn some people off – but sing anyway.


In my work as an interdisciplinary artist, I use moving images, sound and choreography in whimsical, non-traditional ways in order to provide multiple access points to ideas. I combine analog and digital sources and work in forms including video, sound, photography, performance and installation.

I research issues of science and history through art. I believe that art can communicate new ideas, and call people to action. Information access and literacy is a central theme in my work. I want viewers to see things in a new way. Art making is a process of research and discovery. I am interested in continuing to combine forms and disciplines, and aim to make work that asks questions.

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