Buns of Butter


Performance and Video

In 1996, I started working on a project idea to change the aesthetics of exercise. I became a “fitness guru” and made my own 55-minute workout video where all 12 workouts used food as exercise equipment. The music in the video is from bands that I knew in CA, or bands that I listened to while working in my studio.

I made a Buns of Butter handbook that outlines the moves to the routines. Some of the routines are: The Ice Cream Lift, the Donut Spin, the Butter Butt Shake and the 40-ounce Beer Lift.

I worked out to my fitness video for a year, and stayed fit with my own program.

The show was broadcast on Public Access and community television stations across the country.  From 1996-2000 Buns of Butter was promoted in a series of live performances.

Buns of Butter Live was performed to promote the fitness program and was performed in San Francisco, Iowa City, the Iowa State Fair, the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, and other locations. For each live show – a new routine was developed.

Video of the live show: