2007, 2011
Video, Sound, Editing:  Kristen Baumlier
Animation, Special Effects, Editing: Amanda Almon

Conservation! is an experimental video and animation composite focusing on the topic of energy conservation methodologies and cultural practices. Conservation! uses seductive imagery and a pervasive tune to embark on a journey through layers of plastic, electricity and gas consumption. The work has an ecological and conservation theme song that is written, recorded, and performed by me as the “Petroleum Pop Princess Baroness Mistress.”  This collaborative piece combines animation, special effects and video compositing by Amanda Almon, which creates a layered, textured ecological environment.

In current society, there are frequent policies and topics centered around the need to conserve gasoline, oil, water, industrial materials and electricity – but are we really ready to do the work to conserve? Is it difficult and painful to conserve and do we have to sacrifice current lifestyles?  Can we change how we work and live now; to make sure we have resources tomorrow?   Can we adapt to the “pain” of having to conserve” and learn to live with it – or even learn to like it?

The song has lyrics such as:” Conservation!  It’s got to hurt a little bit, but I learn to like it.   A little pinch means a lot.  Conservation is so hot.  Saving a little day and night, not always taking feels so right…”

Conservation was remastered and reedited in 2011 as Conservation V.2.