Now is the Future – The Future is Now


Now is the Future – The Future is Now is a live performance that focuses on the past, present and future of energy consumption and our depletion of global resources. I perform as the Petroleum Pop Princess Baroness Mistress with the Crude Oil Dancers in a fully choreographed and video pop concert. The show features original theme songs, dance moves, animation/video projections, and audience interaction to raise awareness of energy issues and conservation.

The show has an activist edge that addresses our uncertain energy supply and environmental future. Petroleum history, energy supply and demand, conservation, public transportation and global warming are the main themes in the show that connect current issues to audience action. Some of the numbers in the show include Is It Hot Enough Yet: Global Warming, NIMBY (Not in My Backyard), and Oil Embargo.

The project is supported by a Petroleum Pop Princess website, online store, and the Deplete Me album which features 9 songs about energy, petroleum, and the future.

Visit the Petroleum Pop Princess website and store-



Other video/animations from the show can be seen on the Petroleum Pop Princess youtube channel.