Same Great Taste Billboard Project

45 images that were shown on a billboard near a highway in Detroit, MI from May 28-June 24, 2012

The images on the billboard were images of food depicted  in both recognizable and abstract views, combined with text of  slogans often used by advertisers to promote packaged food.  A tomato with the word “SAME GREAT TASTE,” a papaya with the words “50% LESS FAT*” and images of rice, soybeans, a peach, and cheese are examples of images that were in the series.

Each of the foods featured in the series has a unique story related to genetic engineering or modern farming practices.  The series was shown on a billboard in Detroit, a city where it is reported that over half of the residents do not have easy access to nutritious food.

The imagegs were shown as part of the Billboard Art Project, a project that acquires digital billboards normally used for advertising and repurposes them as roadside galleries – showing images from artists.


Youtube Video – of the images as a series on the billboard