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Jeans Freezer

Saving Water? Cleaning my Pants in The Freezer


A while ago  I wrote about Levis changing practices to save water.   One way they are doing this is to put tags in new Levis jeans that suggest that the owner wash them less and only use cold water. So – if you wash your jeans less how do you clean them? One way to get them clean is to […]

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Clean Your Jeans in the Freezer? Levis is Making More Jeans with Less Water


A typical pair of blue jeans consumes 919 gallons of water during its life cycle, which is enough water to fill 5 spa-size bathtubs.  This water includes the irrigation of the cotton, stitching the fabric, and washing them.  This past year, a new line of Levis jeans have been developed with future water shortages in mind. The Levis company is […]

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