America the Possible: An Orion Live Web Event on May 15th

How can the U.S. be behind others in the areas of healthcare, poverty rates and equal rights? In the upcoming issue of the magazine Orion, Gus Speth writes about how the United States, which is one of the wealthiest countries in the world recently received the lowest score on the United Nations’s index of material well-being of children.

He also writes about a more hopeful future for America, if we have the will and determination to build it.

In a live webinar event, Gus Speth and Orion’s editor Andrew Blechman will be talking about what it takes to get America back on track next Tuesday May 15th at 4 pm EST.  Gus Speth worked in the White House and at the United Nation and has interesting ideas about the future prospects of America.

If you want to listen in, you can register in advance for free.  The presentation will be a live audio stream with a slide show of images that you can see, with chances for you to ask questions and share your thoughts.

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Registration Page for the Orion Live America the Possible Live Web Event

America the Possible: Part I in Orion Magazine

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