Milliniums How Eat

A Visualization and Inforgraphic of How the Millennials Eat


I recently came across a Infographic made by that puts into visual form the food and food spending habits of the millennial generation.   I currently teach students who are of this generation (born between 1979-2000), and I found it interesting to learn about their spending habits, types of food that they will buy, and how often they eat.

The data presented supports that young people are willing to spend more on special and premium ingredients.  In the top ten brands that are trusted, Trader Joe’s, Ben & Jerry’s, and Whole Foods are in the list.

Being a “foodie,” and exploring novel and gourmet foods is on the rise, and being socially responsible with food choices is higher with this group than other generations.

The information supports that gluten free food is on the rise, and being part of a social network influences choices in grocery shopping and restaurants.

You can check out the full graphic below, or read more on’s site.

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