The Role of Media and Pace and Race


Recently I have begun to feel like information is going by even faster.  I can quickly find 50 interesting things that I like, find cross-posts of something I find interesting, or through links find my way into someone’s really interesting website.

Right now I spend my days with a couple of computers on my person.

Sometimes I love using Feedly and my iPad to look at posts and news.  Sometimes I want to “hoard” interesting things I find, and then post them here.

This blog has been a place where I have collected interesting things and reposted them – and also a place where I have written about something I have seen or attended.

I recently have been focusing on other projects and have not posted anything here since April.  The thing about having a website where you write about things or “blog” – is that there is pressure to create content, and keep it updated.

But what is the role of the site?  Who reads this?  Is this for me?  Can I take a break and be ok with it? Can I change the direction of this?

I will let you know.



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