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Kbaumlier is featured in The Artist’s Library – A Field Guide

A couple of years ago I participated in a project called the Library as Incubator Project.  Over 100 artists were asked to answer the question, “What does the phrase ‘library as incubator’ mean to you?”  I sent in a statement about my love of libraries and their role in my making process.

The cofounders and editors of the project, Erinn Batykefer and Laura Damon-Moore continued with the project and created a book that features some of the artist stories that they collected in order to suggest new ways that others can use the library to increase productivity, inspire new work, and support a creative life.

I am so honored to be in this book, and to have my writing and images featured in Chapter 3 – Using the Library for Creative Research.  What is so cool is that there are exercises with my section – that are meant for the reader to try. (Or I might just try them for a new side project I want to start.)

Here is the official description of the book from the book website:

“Creativity, like information, is free to everyone who steps into a library. An offshoot of the Library as Incubator Project, The Artist’s Library offers that an artist is any person who uses creative tools to make new things, and provides the guidance and resources to make libraries come alive as spaces for art-making and cultural engagement. The book draws attention to the physical and digital collections and resources that may be of particular use to artists and writers, provides ideas for art education opportunities within libraries, and offers practical how-tos for artists and libraries alike. From the crafty (pop-up books) to the community-minded (library galleries); the documentary (photo projects) to the technically complex (“listening” to libraries via Dewey decimal frequencies), the case studies included in the book feature artists, writers, performers, and libraries that embody the “library as incubator” spirit.”

Take a peek at the writing or exercise page below:  

photo (2)     photo (1)

Image Source and Links:

The Artist’s Library – A Field Guide – Coffee House Press

Youtube Video of the authors – The authors talk about libraries and artists

The Artist’s Library on Amazon




Food Font and Kbaumlier Have Relocated to North Carolina

What fits into a box and an orange tube, and moved from Cleveland, OH to Durham, NC?  Food Font!  Well, sort of. The project is bigger than two boxes, but the materials used for live events (minus the table and tent) are currently packed in one box and a tube.

Kristen Baumlier, the founder of Food Font has relocated to the Chapel Hill/Durham/Raleigh area in North Carolina.  In the past few monthes lots of packing, cleaning, and moving has been in the works, but we made it!

Soon some summer Food Font events will be scheduled.  The development of the Food Font tool is continuing.   Currently the mechanics and design document is being authored, which is a detailed written document with screen shots and plans which is used by the programmer to build the tool.

Lately there has been some emails coming in to the Food Font site asking about when the tool will be available.  Thanks everyone for writing in. Official word is that the tool is planned to be up and working later this Summer!

In the meantime, why  not work on making some food alphabets?  Use the checklist and directions to get started!



KBaumlier – Named one of the Most Interesting People in Cleveland by Cleveland Magazine in 2013

This November I learned that Cleveland Magazine had chosen me as a recipient of the Most Interesting People in Cleveland Award.  I was interviewed by Kim Schneider, who writes about food for the magazine and also is the features editor.

At the award reception,I got to meet some interesting people who also received the reward this year (and also got to eat some really great cupcakes and french fries.)

The article is in the current magazine, and also can be seen online on their website.

Thanks Cleveland Magazine for giving me this award!
Image Source:

Cleveland Magazine – Most Interesting People  Award 2013



Cleveland Magazine – Most Interesting People  Award 2013

Kbaumlier Artist Statement

I believe that art can go beyond being a visual object by communicating ideas that call people to action.  Community art and involving an audience in a work can be a force for social change.  Art can be a powerful tool to deepening ones’ views of ourselves and the world around us by provoking thought about social, political, and cultural issues.

As an interdisciplinary artist, I use still and moving images; audience interaction and technology in whimsical, non-traditional ways to provide multiple access points to ideas.  I see making art as a process of research, discovery, creative activity, and engagement with others.  My work seeks to develop an experience for the audience to enter into ideas, information, and dialog.

My work is socially engaging, interdisciplinary projects with social interventions or participatory components. The final piece is less about a product and more about creating surprising, interactive, real world situations that encourage audience members to participate.  Audience members become part of making the work, and I as the artist become a facilitator and collaborator.

Some of my studio work inspired my current project Food Font.  I was photographing words and letters made out of food intending to use these images to open dialog about issues related to food.  I realized my studio process had potential to be an engaging and an interactive way to promote discussion and build community around food.  I transformed my personal practice into Food Font, which is an interactive project where people can make alphabets out of food, take pictures of each letter, and later use these and other food alphabets in an interactive online design tool. With the design tool anyone can “write with food” and create images to print, save, and share.

The goal of Food Font is to engage communities and build awareness about food, health, and sustainability. The project supports the efforts and promotion of the local food movement and also education about food and health.  I want the project to create dialogue in these areas in both real and on-line communities.

– Kristen Baumlier 2012