Vegetare Prints

Papaya – Carica Papaya

Archival Digital Print (Edition of 25)
Dimensions: 36″ x 24″

I have developed a series of works designed to motivate viewers to ask questions about food, health, and the environment. I created a series of archival digital prints that reference classical botanical drawings and feature a detailed photograph of food combined with a short narrative.

Each piece tells a story about the food within the text in the image.


Tomato – Lycopersicon Esculentum
Corn – Zea Mays
Papaya – Carica Papaya
Celery – Apium Graveolens
Soy Beans – Glycine Max
Celery – Apium Graveolens
Peach – Prunus persica
Strawberry – Fragaria virginiana