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Sonia Rentsch – Images of Guns made from Natural Materials

Sonia Rentsch – Images of Guns made from Natural Materials

Artist and illustrator  Sonia Rentsch often works with objects and photography to make images that exist somewhere between realism and abstraction.  Earlier this year, she created a series of objects made of natural materials like seed pods, leaves, and sticks to represent the form of guns, grenades, bullets and other weapons.   The series of images were titled “Harm Less,” and present both beauty, violence, as well as man and nature.

The objects were photographed for the magazine January Biannual by Albert Comper and are printed in an edition of 25. The images are simple but present big questions about the relationship of violence, nature, and man.

You can see more of the images on the Harm-Less area of Rentsch’s website.  Rentsch also works as part of the creative group Moth Design, which does exhibition and product design.
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Sounds of A Healthy Landscape –  The Work of Bernie Krause

Sounds of A Healthy Landscape – The Work of Bernie Krause

A park, forest, or landscape might appear to look healthy, but what does it sound like, and how can this sound reflect the health of the wildlife?  This question is at the core of Bernie Krause, who has recorded thousands of places making what he calls “biophonies” to describe these recordings.

His natural sound recordings, also called soundscapes can show what happens to animals in stressful environments, and also show where our language comes from.

He started as a classic musician, and later became famous for introducing the Moog synthesizer in the 1960’ to bands such as George Harrison, Simon & Garfunkel and The Doors.  Each band learned how to use the moog from Kruase and his partner Paul Beaver.

When doing a recording for a album called ‘In a Wild Sanctuary,’ Krause recorded a natural soundscape as part of the orchestration of the album.    This experience inspired him to continue to record natural landscapes and sounds from that point forward.

Since 1968, he collected over 4,500 separate soundscapes from all over the world.  Many of these are considred rare, in that the locations and natural locations have disappeared since he recorded them;.

He is able to compare some of his recordings, to show the impact that our society has on nature.  For example, he recorded an area in Northern California before and after logging activities  took place. The recordings show the differences visually in a spectrogram, and also in listening.

He has recorded in the Artic, in Borneo, Zimbabwe, and the Amazon.  He also has recorded underwater, and recorded animals such as shrimp (which are very loud), and a sea anemone.  Sounds of a glacier cracking jaguars purring, and the sound of desert, forest, and other ecosystems have been recorded by Krause.

Do you hear what I hear?  You can listen to some of his recordings in the Great Animal Orchestra Youtube video, and also hear soundscapes on his website.

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The Great Animal Orchestra – Natural Sounds by Bernie Krause Youtube Video