Gallery Tank: A Portable Jacket Gallery

In the future, in a post apocalyptic time, what will the role of art be, and where will it be seen?

One possible answer to this question can be seen in the project called Gallery Tank, originating from Tallin, Estonia, which is a portable indie-gallery that is built inside of a jacket.  It has been designed to host artist works, and to be delivered to the audience directly.

Called a “Jackery,” the creater of the project, Ott Pilipenko, created the art gallery jacket which he wore and showed at Camp Pixelache in Helsinki, Finland last week.

The grey jacket that Pilipenko wore was grey, seemed to be made of a durable fabric good for the outdoors.  It had some zippers on it, and was covered with yellow and red caps.

He demonstrated how the jacket works, and invited us see the exhibition.  He unzipped an arm sleeve and showed us the artist’s name and the name of the show which was printed on the inside of the unzippered pocket.   We were invited to unscrew the yellow and red caps.  Inside of each cap was a small printed images of a small drawings that were printed on fabric.

After we opened one of the caps, we were invited to carefully blow hot air onto the image.  Some of the images would disappear – and some would not.  Each of the 10 “cells” were  2 cm in diameter, and could be opened and closed.

The current show in the jacket gallery is the work of Estonian artist Britta Benno which opened on May 16th.   The artists’ works and theme coincided with the Acadmey of Arts fashion show which had a theme  based on the end of the world “Blow away the bad stuff” concept which was clearly used in the design and execution of showing the art.

There also was a gift shop in Gallery tank, which when it was unzipped, held silkscreened pocket handkerchiefs that a number of us were able to get as a souvenir.

Pictures of the jacket, and a list of upcoming shows are listed on the Gallery Tank website, which also features a map that shows where the jacket and exhibition have been shown.

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