The Recipe Project: Great Recipes Made Into Catchy Songs

Michael Hearst and Joshua Camp, co-founders of the band One Ring Zero got a great idea.  Why not take Chef Chris Cosentino’s recipe for Brains and Eggs into a song?  The plan was to try to do it word for word, phrase for phrase, literally singing every word of the recipe.  They also decided to ask Cosentino to recommend a music style for the song.  He told them that the style of the Beastie Boys would work.  The band got to work mixing some beats and looped sequences into what ended up becoming a quirky hip-hop song, and The Recipe Project had begun.

The band went on to work with more chefs and recipes, and created a CD and book of recipes.  Today many chefs are getting “rock star status,” and the project highlights this by setting their songs to music, and also with the interviews in the book. The album features over 9 recipe songs  from well-known chefs.    The book has unusual interviews with the chefs and also the recipes in printed form so that you can cook the recipes without having to rewind the music.

One Ring Zero’s music is quirky, with unusual instruments such as the theramin, accordion, melodica, power drills, and bread machines used.  The songs are all upbeat and catchy.

Some of the songs include “Peanut Butter Brunnettes,” a recipe by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and “Spaghetti with Sweet 100 Tomatoes” by Mario Batalli, who happen to be two of my favorite chefs.  Each song has a music video that you can see on The Recipe Project website.  The “Spaghetti with Sweet 100 Tomatoes song is fast and catchy.  The video features plates of spaghetti, visual representations of the ingredients, puppets, and some stop motion animation.

Before you check out the sons and videos, I must warn you.  Once you play some of the songs you might find that you are tapping your toe, or humming the song a few hours later. They also might make you hungry or make you want to cook.

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