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EAT LOVE – A Book of Food Concepts by Eating Designer Marije Vogelzang

EAT LOVE – A Book of Food Concepts by Eating Designer Marije Vogelzang

Since 2000 Marije Vogelzang has been designing eating concept, and exploring the verb ‘to eat’.   Her work explores everything that surrounds the act of eating including atmosphere, the people involved, and the stories behind the ingredients.  The work will often explore the taste and texture, sound, smell and color of food and the way it is prepared and served.

Some of her work has explored the process of design of the travel of food to your body including “the journey of food from seed all the way to poop.”  Her work is developed in her studio and restaurant, and has evolved in the last ten years.

A new book called EAT LOVE, has won the award for Best Designed Cookbook of the Netherlands, and presents some of the research and projects of Vogelzang.  The book which has 160 pages  has images, personal stories, sketches, and designs.

I took a peek at the book website, and found there were some interesting projects featured in the book.

Some of pages include:

Cupcakes With a Lack of Attention (With pictures of cupcakes labeled with “no!,” “take me,” “come here,” “eat me,” “you can resist me,” and other messages.)
Cressware, Gardenware for the body (The designs include a watercress hat and cape.)
Funeral Dinner  (The phrase white food is suitable as “solace food,” is on the page with an image of white food on a table.)
The Binding Strength of Food (A large sculptural sausage structure, with a description about the artists’ process.)

I recommend getting a snack from the fridge, and checking out the book webpage, or ordering on Amazon.


Images and Links:

EAT LOVE – www.marijevogelzang.nl 

EAT Love – on www.amazon.com



BKLYN Herb Packaging Give Fresh Herbs a New Look

BKLYN Herb Packaging Give Fresh Herbs a New Look

Mint, basil, or thyme that comes from Brooklyn?   Rooftop gardens are on the rise in many urban areas including Brooklyn, NY. Matthew Krupitsky designed a simple package for herbs and vegetables grown in rooftop gardens that literally says “Made In Brooklyn” in bright colors, in order to help promote the origin of the vegetables.

The label is shaped in the shape of Brooklyn, and is tear and waterproof.  The label can be reused to help hold other veggies.  Where can you see it?  Brooklyn, where else?


Links and Images:

Matthew Krupitsky – Made in Brooklyn Rooftop Garden 





Snow Day – A Maple Themed Food Truck for Social Justice

Snow Day – A Maple Themed Food Truck for Social Justice

Drive Change is a non profit that was started to help create opportunities for formerly incarcerated youth to earn a paycheck as well as connecting to other people thorugh food. Founders Annie Bickerton, a social entrepreneur and Jordyn Lexton, a teacher wanted to create change and address the issue that in New York, criminals as young as 16 years old are recognized and tried as adults, and oftentimes emerge back into the world unsure of how to integrate back into society. What is a way to do this?  By creating food trucks that create opportunities for formerly incarcerated youth to get experience working and interacting with others.

The first food truck, called Snow Day, is getting ready to open in early January.  The food will be maple sugar themed with Pancake Poppers, Maple Grilled Cheese, Maple Braised Pulled Pork Sliders, Maple Bacon Brussel Sprouts, Sugar on Snow (sugar lollypops made on real snow), Maple Bacon Doughnus and other items.   The food will be made from locally sourced food.

The team plans to get Snow Day out on the streets during the first week of January, where it will alternate between three location in Chelsea, Lower Manhattan, and DUMBO.

Hungry for maple syrup food?  You can learn more about the project’s mission by watching the Drive Change Launch Film and checking out the Drive Change and Snow Day truck website.


Images and Links:


Drive Change

Drive Change Launch Film


The Food Pyramid Storage – Shelf System

The Food Pyramid Storage – Shelf System

Most of us store our fruits and vegetables in our refrigerator.  But is the optimal temperature for each of them? The design team FridayProject of Luca Boscardin and Valentina Raffaelli created a bookshelf that is a food storage system called the Food Pyramid, which gives structure and storage to food.

The storage system is based on the food pyramid.  Storage spaces are designed to give more space to the things that we are to eat more, and less to the foods that we are told to eat less of.  The piece is made out of painted steel, and has wooden drawers for bread pasta and cereals; dark drawers for the potatoes and onions; a terracotta box for vegetables; and shelves with space for eggs, herbs, and spices.

You can see more pictures of the shelf system in action on FridayProject’s website.

Images and Links:


Food Pyramid Information

Ghost Food – Experience How We Might Eat After Global Warming

Ghost Food – Experience How We Might Eat After Global Warming

Two years ago, the cost of peanut butter went up, due to a lower supply of peanuts due to severe heat and drought.  In the discussion about climate change, our food supply and food security are named as a growing problem, and that 2050 is the tipping point for when our supply will not meet our demand.

GhostFood is an interactive art project created by artists Miriam Simun and Miriam Songster which presents an experience of how we might eat in the future.  For the project,  a food truck offers a menu with food substitutes for 3 foods that would be affected by global warming.  The menu lists cod, chocolate, and peanut butter.  A visitor can order a food sample, which comes in a white tray and a thin tubelike mask that allows you to smell what you are supposed to eat.

Once the mask is on, the visitor is able to smell the food that they ordered, in a small round piece that is soaked in synthetic chocolate, cod, or peanut butter.

Both Simun and Songster have done past projects with food and smell.  GhostFood is meant to present a simulation of how food might be experienced if it is no longer available.

The press release for the project describes the experience as:

“When you get to the front of the line, ask for the cod, and rest assured that the food substitute served is fish-less and made from climate-change resilient ingredients. Your flavor experience will be delivered by a GhostFood server.

If you inquire, you might learn that the potential future of the codfish as an ocean ghost is the result of a future mass drowning. Cod eggs that the female fish release into our oceans can no longer float in surface waters due to decreasing salinity levels in an Atlantic that is warming.

GhostFood serves this post-extinction sidewalk snack hoping that when you float in the ocean next summer you will consider that buoyant feeling a little differently.”

The project premiered as part of the DesignPhilly event on October 9, 2013.

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