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Apple Power! Art and Science Photos

I recently saw images of photographer Caleb Charland’s photo experiments where he works with art and science which include electricity, fire, and magnetism. One project he has been working on involves creating alternative power sources using vinegar, fruit, and coins to power a light, which is then photographed.

The process to make the images takes time and focus to setup.  To create power, Charland hammered 300 zinc-coated nails into apples which took 11 hours to setup. The zinc reacts with acid in the apples and creates electricity. The power then moves through copper wire and powers up the lamp. Each apple created 5 volts, and could power a LED for several hours.  The image was then created by taking a 4 hour exposure.

Check out his pictures on his website, and also the video online which documents the making of one of the images, which shows the process of making one of the images with apple trees.

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Video – The Making of Caleb Charland’s Apples and LEDs


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