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I recently got an update from Kulturlabor Trial & Error, a upcycling group from Berlin that I met at the Pixelache conference in May. Recently, the group did a project of doing moss graffiti, which has become a public art form, eco graffiti form, and a method for greening up walls and urban spaces. Moss absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide, so in theory putting more moss in the world can help clean up the atmosphere.

To do moss graffiti, a natural “paint” can be applied which is made by using ingredients that include yogurt, sugar and beer.  The weather conditions, and location will affect the success of the moss growing.  Moss grows best in damp conditions.

To make the “paint” you mix up some clumps of moss, yogurt or buttermilk and sugar in a blender.  You then use a brush and stencil or paint freehand on the wall.  Every couple of days, reapply the mixture, and also spritz the area with water to encourage growth.

After a week, the moss will start to establish itself on the wall.  It will take about a month for the moss to fully grow.

Got a wall or space that you think needs a little lite?  Put some moss on it!  Some of the links below have directions to get you started.

Image Source: – Moss Graffiti Project


Making Moss Graffitti: – Moss Graffiti Project

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