Baguette Tables: Tables made out of Upcycled Bread


All around us is food being thrown away.  We can’t always see it, since it is often in dumpsters or bins, and located behind the restaurants and stores that we visit.  The designers Tomek and Gosia Rygalik of Studio Rygalik decided to create tables out of bread that was thrown away, in order bring attention to the issue.     Their Baguette Tables were made from stale baguettes that were meant to be thrown away.  The baguettes are cut in half, and vary in size, creating an interesting form that looks kind of like a rock or natural form, until you figure out it is bread.

On their site the designers write “Food thrown away in Vienna could feed half of the population of Graz.” (Graz is the second largest city in Vienna.)  The tables were part of a full bread experience at the Vienna Design Week Laboratory, where people bread dishes that were served on the  bread tables.

Studio Rygalik is based in Warsaw and focuses on furniture, products, and experience design. You can read more about this and other projects on their site.

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