LightWall: An Upcycled Studio Space That is Up for Auction


ReSpace is a competition that aims to raise awareness of reuse materials while showcasing creative and successful space designs.  For 2012, the challenge was to design a small flexible space that could be used as a workshop, studio space, shop, or community space that was made out of reused and upcycled materials.

There were over 30 entries, and the winning design was student entry created by Scott Hefner and Abe Drechsler who attend the NCSU College of Design in Raleigh, NC created the design Light Wall Pavilion.

The structure is 18.5′ long, 11.5′ wide and 11′ tall.  It is made of many donated or salvaged materials that were came from the area of Wake County and various programs of Habitat Humanity of Wake County. The materials include salvaged lumber, maple flooring that came from Chapel Hill High School, old pallets, reused siding and roofing, and reused glass bottles from various restaurants and bars in downtown Raleigh.

In a period of 48 hours, volunteers worked to build the winning design, and the structure is up for auction, and closes on June 11th at 8pm.

I’m planning to check out the structure this weekend.  The wall made of bottles and reused flooring and counters have texture and character, and I look forward to seeing the pavilion in person.  (I don’t plan to put in a bid though, right now we are looking for a new house to live in, and I don’t think the one room pavilion will meet our needs.)

Want to see how it was built?  There is a great short time-lapse video where you can see the structure built , with the 48 hours of work crunched into a 1 minute timelapse.

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Links: – LightWall Construction Video

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