The Food Pyramid Storage – Shelf System


Most of us store our fruits and vegetables in our refrigerator.  But is the optimal temperature for each of them? The design team FridayProject of Luca Boscardin and Valentina Raffaelli created a bookshelf that is a food storage system called the Food Pyramid, which gives structure and storage to food.

The storage system is based on the food pyramid.  Storage spaces are designed to give more space to the things that we are to eat more, and less to the foods that we are told to eat less of.  The piece is made out of painted steel, and has wooden drawers for bread pasta and cereals; dark drawers for the potatoes and onions; a terracotta box for vegetables; and shelves with space for eggs, herbs, and spices.

You can see more pictures of the shelf system in action on FridayProject’s website.

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