Yeastograms: Art and Science Imagery

In recent years art and science have continued to merge, with more imagery and art made with science  and art processes. This year, artist Lucas Czizek created a “printing process” using yeast, where Yeastograms are live images created out of yeast cells, and produced in a process similar to classic photography printing methods.   The images are created with UV radiation.  Areas that are not touched by the UV radiation are able to grow the white yeast His piece ANIMA was developed as part of bioart club pavilion_35, a close interdisciplinary collaborative series of projects between artists and scientists based out of Vienna, Austria.

This month, Czizek is giving a 3 day bioart workshop, where he will share the method of cultivating baker’s yeast, and then shaping the cultivation according to aesthetic and artistic decisions.  The workshop is being offered by the bioart club pavilion_35 and Pixelache.  For more information, you can read more and sign up on the Pixelache website.

You can see a vimeo video of ANIMA, Czizek’s piece in action, which gives a great overview of the yeastogram process.


Imags and Links: Yeastogram Workshop

ANIMA – Yeastogram Video

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