Snow Day – A Maple Themed Food Truck for Social Justice


Drive Change is a non profit that was started to help create opportunities for formerly incarcerated youth to earn a paycheck as well as connecting to other people thorugh food. Founders Annie Bickerton, a social entrepreneur and Jordyn Lexton, a teacher wanted to create change and address the issue that in New York, criminals as young as 16 years old are recognized and tried as adults, and oftentimes emerge back into the world unsure of how to integrate back into society. What is a way to do this?  By creating food trucks that create opportunities for formerly incarcerated youth to get experience working and interacting with others.

The first food truck, called Snow Day, is getting ready to open in early January.  The food will be maple sugar themed with Pancake Poppers, Maple Grilled Cheese, Maple Braised Pulled Pork Sliders, Maple Bacon Brussel Sprouts, Sugar on Snow (sugar lollypops made on real snow), Maple Bacon Doughnus and other items.   The food will be made from locally sourced food.

The team plans to get Snow Day out on the streets during the first week of January, where it will alternate between three location in Chelsea, Lower Manhattan, and DUMBO.

Hungry for maple syrup food?  You can learn more about the project’s mission by watching the Drive Change Launch Film and checking out the Drive Change and Snow Day truck website.


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Drive Change

Drive Change Launch Film


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