GOSSIP for 2 – A Cake Meant to Be Shared

Every meet a friend for coffee or dinner, and you share a dessert?  This interaction of spending time talking over dessert inspired a special cake designed by Julie Hinault, a food designer and Olivier Dessyn, pastry chef and owner of Mille Feuille Bakery Café.  The two collaborated to to create “GOSSIP for 2,” which is a cake designed for two people to share as they talk, gossip, or share things with each other.

The idea for the project started in France, while Hinault was developing her master thesis and was questioning the relationship between food, conversation, and the special status of dessert. She writes on her site, ”Dessert is often seen as an indulgence, many of us often share a cake, or only take a small piece. We cannot bare the idea of indulging alone, we prefer to share our guilt!”

Hinault worked with pastry chef, Olivier Dessyn to create a delicious and unique cake made with almonds, coconut, bitter chocolate mousse, pineapple, and lime. The cake is frosted with two tones of frosting, indicating that it is meant to be shared.

Curious to share with a friend?  You can get the cake for $12 at  the Mille Feuille Bakery Café, located in New York.  Yum!


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