Pro-Folio – Create A Fake Artist’s Portfolio In Two Seconds

Are you are an artist who does work that explores issues of football and the role of color in our perception?  Did you create a design campaign for a soft drink company? You can be with Pro-Folio.  Sures Kumar has created, where you can create a fake artist website as a part of a Scientific Hoax project at the Royal College of Art, London. To make your website, you type in your name and in seconds you get a website with “stolen art,” or borrowed images from websites such as and  When you make a site, you get a fake bio that lists your education, exhibitions, and artist statement.  Your site will most likely be a combination of photography and  design work.

The project explores issues of falsified information, identity, and open source access.  On the Pro-Folio website, Sures Kumar writes:

“Given the availability of information online ranging from open source names to college databases, computers can construct a believable identity in no time. All it takes is to carefully lay the facts in a logical sequence, which can be coded as an algorithm. If this is possible, can computer programs create all sorts of human identities in future? And what will be the motivation to do so? Will it be just populating identities and adding noise to our already overloaded Internet or will it give birth to interesting, engaging, avant-garde, mysterious identities and art works?”

The project was made using alogorithms to combine technology including PHP, MySQL, Processing, HTML, CSS, Javascript  and text and  images from,,, and

You can watch a video about the making of the project, and make your own portfolio on Pro-Folio right now!


Image Source and Links:

Pro-Folio – Video of the Making Of 

Sures Kumar Portfolio Site

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