EAT LOVE – A Book of Food Concepts by Eating Designer Marije Vogelzang

Since 2000 Marije Vogelzang has been designing eating concept, and exploring the verb ‘to eat’.   Her work explores everything that surrounds the act of eating including atmosphere, the people involved, and the stories behind the ingredients.  The work will often explore the taste and texture, sound, smell and color of food and the way it is prepared and served.

Some of her work has explored the process of design of the travel of food to your body including “the journey of food from seed all the way to poop.”  Her work is developed in her studio and restaurant, and has evolved in the last ten years.

A new book called EAT LOVE, has won the award for Best Designed Cookbook of the Netherlands, and presents some of the research and projects of Vogelzang.  The book which has 160 pages  has images, personal stories, sketches, and designs.

I took a peek at the book website, and found there were some interesting projects featured in the book.

Some of pages include:

Cupcakes With a Lack of Attention (With pictures of cupcakes labeled with “no!,” “take me,” “come here,” “eat me,” “you can resist me,” and other messages.)
Cressware, Gardenware for the body (The designs include a watercress hat and cape.)
Funeral Dinner  (The phrase white food is suitable as “solace food,” is on the page with an image of white food on a table.)
The Binding Strength of Food (A large sculptural sausage structure, with a description about the artists’ process.)

I recommend getting a snack from the fridge, and checking out the book webpage, or ordering on Amazon.


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