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Kbaumlier on Twitter — With Tiny Splashes

Eating on mars?  The microbiology of miso?  Food as a sense of wonder?  In the last few months I have gotten engaged with using Twitter both as a content producer and also to “network” with others engaged in food, sustainability, and art.

I tweet both as @kbaumlier as well as @foodfont.  I started to get back into using social media when I decided I would work to promote the final alphabets from Food Font.   What I found is that tweeting from my @kbaumlier account is really engaging, and I have enjoyed sharing news and websources about food, sustainability, creativity, and art.  I often am tweeting about things that I would have written about on my blog – but putting these sources into Twitter.

If you do not follow me or are not on Twitter, you can check on my @kbaumlier feed on the web to check out my tweets and all the cool things I have found to tweet about.

I also am posting for Food Font on Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest and am working to get the Food Font resources out to teachers and schools.

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