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Tosa Market – New Food Alphabet in the Works

Tosa Market – New Food Alphabet in the Works

Last weekend Food Font was at the Tosa Farmers Market outside of Milwaukee, WI.  People were really excited about the project, and we made two (which is a record for the number of alphabets made at one event) alphabets, both an uppercase and lowercase alphabet.

The vegetables we used were from:
Jay’s Plant Shop – Eggplant
Petzold Farms – Carrots, Pattypan Squash
Wellspring – Purslane, Italian Dandelion, Egglplant

I met a lot of interesting people, and enjoyed the soup, cheese, and gluten free muffin samples that were available at the market this day.

Below are some image slideshows from the event. (Note: These images are not edited yet.)

Images of Tosa Market Alphabet

Images from the Event – People Making Letters




Food Font at Shaker Square North Union Farmers Market

Food Font at Shaker Square North Union Farmers Market

The Food Font event at the Shaker Square North Union Farmers Market went well on Saturday.
Lots of people stopped by and we made a food alphabet out of tomatoes.

The tomatoes were from:
Rainbow Farms
Middle Ridge Garden
Wooli Farms
Hamper Homestead Farms
Ridge Bridge Farm

I met a lot of interesting people including quite a few teachers who took the Food Font  resource packet so they could do the Food Font activity in their classroom this Fall.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

All the pictures are on the Food Font Flickr site and also can be seen in the slideshows below.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Pictures of People

Pictures of the Tomato alphabet (note: these are not edited yet)

The World’s Fare: The Largest International Roaming Dinner Party

The World’s Fare: The Largest International Roaming Dinner Party

A few weeks ago I backed a project on Kickstarter called The World’s Fare.  The project got funded, and this Fall, the organization The Feast will host an international, roaming dinner party called the World’s Fare that everyone is invited to participate in.

On October 5, 2012 at 7pm local time in cities everywhere, anyone can be a part of the dinner by  bringing together 6-8 people for a feast (dinner) of their own. The purpose is to eat together and decide on one thing each group can collectively start to make the world better.  It can be small –like fixing a fence or large such as supporting an effort to redefine an industry.

All of the groups who participate will be invited to share what they intend to build and change with the world at large online.  These commitments will be shared through The Feast site, social media and showcased in a public art installation that will act as the central piece for a pavilion of innovation in NYC the next day.

This initiative is part of the organization, The Feast, which organizes the Feast Conference which brings entrepreneurs, radicals, doers and thinkers who are revolutionizing the way things work for the betterment of humanity.  This year the conference is from October 3-5, 2012.

I plan to participate, and just put the event in my calendar.  Now – I have to decide what to cook and who to invite.

Image Source:



www.kickstarter.com – World’s Fare


Rest in Piece – Good Citizen Portable Flagpole/Cart, Portable Cheesekick Contraption, Oil Rig Hangers and Oil Toybox

Rest in Piece – Good Citizen Portable Flagpole/Cart, Portable Cheesekick Contraption, Oil Rig Hangers and Oil Toybox

Part of being a mid-career artist is that you end up with lots of old projects and art in your attic, studio, and storage areas.
Over time, I decide to keep only key elements or what I think are the best pieces and move the other work out of my space.
I recently recycled some of my old set lists from performances, donated some props and costumes from shows to the thrift store, and recycled some of my old video footage tapes that were not the final masters.

Each year I seem to value space more than keeping all my old objects. This past weekend was a big project – moving out some of my old steel sculptures and objects from projects.

This past weekend I made a trip to the scrapyard and brought some of my past steel objects which included:

– My Good Citizen Portable Flagpole/ Cart – which I used to wheel around Oakland, CA in the role of Good Citizen in the Good Citizen Project in 1994
– My Portable Cheesekick Contraption – from my Buns of Butter project (where you could put a huge hunk of cheese in it – and kick it as a workout)
– My Oil Rig Hangers and Oil Toybox – from my Stretching Oil Production Installation

For my steel objects I got $48.00 –  and a bunch of space in my basement and attic.

May they rest in piece.




Camp Pixelache in Helsinki – A Weekend of Art, Activism, Sustainability and Technology

Camp Pixelache in Helsinki – A Weekend of Art, Activism, Sustainability and Technology

When I read the description about Camp Pixelache this Winter, an event where technology, art, activism and subcultures meet each year in Helsinki, Finland, I said to myself, “These are my people.”  I submitted a presentation topic, and went to present at the event.   I just came back from Helsinki, and have came back with lots of thing to write about, and with lots of friends and new contacts  who are doing projects related to building community, cultural production, art technology, sustainability, and activism from various countries.

This year, Camp Pixelache had a core theme of “Do It With Others” (D.I.W.O) and explored the question of “How can artists, makers, cultural producers, researchers and activists work collaboratively with each other and audiences, to create new co-production models for artifacts/events with sustainability as the core goal?”

A series of presentations around 4 core themes were organized which include Do It With Others (D.I.W.O), Creative Neighborhood Skills, The Art of Gathering Environmental Data, and Social Identity and Augmented Reality.  There also were demonstrations of electronic art and design including various open source, re/upcycling, and other “trashlab” and “hacklab” projects.

Other events at the festival included a keynote presentation, a live performance club event, and a series of professional workshops. The events were held at Arbis, a Swedish-language adult education center that is located close to the Finnish National Museum, in central Helsinki.

I gave a presentation in the early afternoon titled Powerformance which was in the festival’s track, Do It With Others (D.I.W.O.)  In my talk, I talked about the potential that interactive performance has to generate awareness and promote social change.  I made a special stretchable Euro paycheck –which we stretched at the end of my presentation.

The weekend was amazing.  I met so many interesting people and talked to others about art, technology, hope for the future, and other topics. I met others from Sweden, France, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Finland, Portugal and England at the event.

Some of the main speakers and facilitators of the conference tracks included Marc Garrett, (Furtherfield.org, London), Pedro Soler (root.ps, Barcelona) Jennifer Gabrys, (Goldsmiths University, London) and  Owen Kelly  (Arcadia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki) and members of the Bio Art Society of Finland.

The dialogue and presentations were engaging and exciting.  I will be posting for probably several weeks about the people, projects, and presentations that I met, experienced, and saw.     I am currently unpacking, doing laundry, and preparing my receipts.  Tomorrow I will start typing up my notes, compiling the information I got, and also connecting with others that I met at the conference.  Get ready to hear more about Camp Pixelache in future posts!

Image Source:
Pixelache website


Camp Pixelache Website

Pixelache website

Camp Pixelache Video: