New Work – Bliss (Salt, Sugar and Fat)

Bliss: Salt, Sugar and Fat


Bliss (Salt, Sugar and Fat) is a series of photographic images that are intended to be visual portals into the foods that make our brains feel bliss.

Our brains love salt, sugar and fat.  Food manufacturers use salt, sugar and fat in order to make us eat and buy more. These images are meant to be meditative portals to honor these foods that like it or not make our brain explode into happiness.

The images feature the most popular eaten and engineered foods on the planet that are created in the perfect combination of ingredients to create “moreishness,” the condition that once we take a bite or sip, our brain wants more.  Doritos, salt, donuts, French fries, cheeze wiz, donuts, cookies, tomato soup, tang, Coke and Mountain Dew, Pop tarts, Hot Pockets are featured in this series of images.

The images are tondos, or in the round, and are presented for viewers to see these foods in a new way and to ask questions about our relationship to food and salt, sugar and fat.


More images and information coming soon!