Cocoon – A Tiny Home Made of Fabric

Tanya Shukstelinsky, who did a final project from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design created tiny shelter space that has gotten a lot of attention lately.  Her piece called  “Cocoon” is made out of fabric, and has a sleeping space, steps, a table, and a fillable bathtub within it.  In order to move around in the space, an inhabitants would have to grab onto the stitches inside.

The project was made to investigate creating a private space in a public area.  Shukstelinsky intended the space to be used in spaces in between other buildings, creating a solution for urban nomads and those needing temporary living space.

The space looks pretty cozy, and though it looks like just enough for one person, maybe a visitor could fit in the kitchen area.  Need a space to live?

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The Green Wall – The Largest Leafy Wall in North America

A new sustainable interior wall at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania has plants growing from floor to ceiling.  Called The Green Wall, the walls were designed to resemble a lush, green jungle and are 14 feet high and 300 feet long making it the largest green wall in North America.

The walls were developed by GSky and are comprised of 47,000 plants. The space has a greenhouse roof, and the walls are able to eliminate about 15,500 pounds of toxins and dust from the air within its location of the East Conservatory Plaza.  The walls are self-irrigated, and are a example of a sustainable interior.

If you want to check the walls out for yourself, head to the Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.
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