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Just Right – A Breakfast Installation

Jennifer Rubell creates participatory artwork that is a hybrid of performance art, installation, and happenings. The pieces are often large in scale and use food and drink.  Past pieces have included a ton of ribs hung from the ceiling, with honey dripping on them; 2,000 hard-boiled eggs and a huge stack of latex gloves nearby to use for picking them [...]

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Pro-Folio – Create A Fake Artist’s Portfolio In Two Seconds

Are you are an artist who does work that explores issues of football and the role of color in our perception?  Did you create a design campaign for a soft drink company? You can be with Pro-Folio.  Sures Kumar has created, where you can create a fake artist website as a part of a Scientific Hoax project at the Royal [...]

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Yeastograms: Art and Science Imagery

In recent years art and science have continued to merge, with more imagery and art made with science  and art processes. This year, artist Lucas Czizek created a “printing process” using yeast, where Yeastograms are live images created out of yeast cells, and produced in a process similar to classic photography printing methods.   The images are created with UV radiation.  [...]

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Sonia Rentsch – Images of Guns made from Natural Materials

Artist and illustrator  Sonia Rentsch often works with objects and photography to make images that exist somewhere between realism and abstraction.  Earlier this year, she created a series of objects made of natural materials like seed pods, leaves, and sticks to represent the form of guns, grenades, bullets and other weapons.   The series of images were titled “Harm Less,” and present [...]

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Landfill Dogs: Photographs of Dogs Without a Home

I recently came across the photography of artist Mary Shannon Johnstone, in doing research about artists in the Raleigh, NC area, where I recently moved.  Johnstone’s current project, called Landfill Dogs is a yearlong project where she photographs dogs from the county animal shelter at the local landfill. Each image of the different dogs is unique, and the expressions of [...]

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